Due to the extremely low life cycle costs associated with traditional marble aggregate in a durable cement matrix, Terrazzo has always been one of the longest lasting, economical flooring system values you can install. Terrazzo is an eco friendly floor with a historic permanence non-existent with other systems on the market today. Classified as “Green” construction, Terrazzo is formulated with all natural raw materials.

When considering flooring options over a 40 year life span, Terrazzo has a lower life cycle cost than vinyl sheet flooring ($.90 vs. $1.95 per square foot). Terrazzo’s monolithic look is achieved by pouring a blend of proportioned marble aggregate and cement mixture seamlessly onto a concrete slab. By using divider strips made of zinc, brass or aluminum, we can maintain the prescribed amount of control joints in the floor. A finished floor will have a hardness value significantly harder than concrete and can be ground to a natural polish that suits your tastes. Due to it’s easy clean ability, individuals with allergy sensitivities will also find Terrazzo a hypoallergenic flooring solution. We can also provide a rustic version for outdoor applications. Whether you are looking to re-new your old Terrazzo or are starting new construction, Intra-State Terrazzo and Concrete can provide a unique solution for your project.


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