Cantilever Lighting

Are you thinking of installing new recessed lighting to your home exterior?

If so, it’s a smart idea that will bolster home safety and security and create an even better outdoor ambiance. Recessed lights are the subtle fixtures that don’t hog too much attention with heavy illumination, but provide the background lighting instead. They also make it easier to cross your outdoor stairs during the dead of the night.

Low-Watt LED Lights for Outdoor Cantilever Lighting

LED lights have so many purposes, especially outdoors, that they’ve become the go-to light fixture for construction crews and improvement-minded homeowners.

Cantilever lighting doesn’t work as well with traditional incandescent bulbs because they’re too bold and bright, and will hurt you with higher energy costs. Any time you visit a friend’s home and notice the exquisite outdoor lighting, they’re probably using LED lights. Granted, they may cost you a little more up-front, but they’ll pay for themselves fast because they allow you to save 70% on your power bill.

Cantilever lighting also depends on a little positioning strategy. If you point these lights in the wrong direction, they’ll either not provide much light, or create the wrong effect. Ideally, recessed lights will highlight nearby landscape features (like gardens, stairways, and patio perimeters) rather than steal the show themselves.

Ribbon LED Lighting

Ribbon LED lighting is another awesome way to add style to your outdoor areas without spending a fortune. Ribbon lighting is a form of strip lighting with a waterproof casing that can help ambient lighting in decks and patios or even around cabinets or crown molding. Some of these come with dimmer switches and operate with minimal constant voltage.

Reasons to Consider Cantilever Lighting for Your Outdoor Stairs

  • It’s the best way to see better when you’re coming home in the middle of the night. Otherwise, you risk tripping and falling into the concrete stairs.
  • LED lights hardly ever require replacement.
  • Some products allow you to dim the lights for different effects.
  • Low-wattage lights also work well for swimming pool decks, where you’re after a little more illumination, but not something too bright.
  • Remember that exterior lights can help you deter burglars and trespassers, too. This works for residential and commercial buildings alike, enough for insurance companies to reward them with lower premiums when you install them.
  • Expert construction companies can install recessed lighting beneath concrete stairs with PVC pipes, electrical wiring, and other equipment. This becomes a permanent, maintenance-free part of your home exterior.

These are a few compelling reasons to ponder a nice home upgrade like recessed lights. You should take your time and research the topic further before deciding, but we’ve seen this work well in many homes in Florida.

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