Concrete Matching Interior and Exterior

Are you a homeowner in the Sarasota, Florida, area who wants to coordinate your exterior flooring with what’s on the inside? These things matter because material selection can make or break your home decor and influence its durability. Intra-State Terrazzo specializes in many installation styles, with a particular emphasis on matching cement or epoxy Terrazzo … Read more

Terrazzo Around The World

You can find outstanding examples of Terrazzo all around the world. It’s popular internationally, as well as in high-profile places in the U.S. You can also find plenty of beautiful Terrazzo inspirations right here in Florida. In this post, we’d like to dedicate an overview of Terrazzo examples worldwide. American Examples of Terrazzo If you … Read more

Practical Uses of Rustic Terrazzo

One of the most wonderful things about Italy is its architecture which has maintained itself for hundreds of years. A major part of many of the small villas that dot the landscape is a tile known as Rustic Terrazzo. While it’s been thought of as cheap and uninspiring for many years, especially by those who … Read more