Concrete Full-Depth Polished Floors vs Polished Overlays

Today, we want to explore the differences between full-depth polished floors versus polished overlays. As you know, there is a lot to think about when choosing a flooring option. This is true of new home building projects, new commercial projects, or any type of renovation task.

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A full-depth polished floor is one that involves polished concrete, usually between 75mm to 100mm deep. Polished overlays, likewise are often about ⅜” thick, and made from aggregate products like terrazzo.

Here’s all you need to know about the consistency, composition, cost, and cure time for each option.

Consistency Differences

How evenly can you get the material spread throughout the floor? This is a big question because nobody wants to see (or trip over) uneven surfaces. For the full-depth finishes, this requires a skilled technician to deep grind everything, or you’ll have various pockets of deeper aggregate exposure.

The Terrazzo overlay approach makes this much easier, however. While we can apply anything evenly, there’s a greater guarantee of uniformity when you select a shrink-free overlay substance.

Composition & Strength

Floor composition and thickness determine how long your floor will endure foot traffic and other forms of resistance. The no-wax polished concrete is the most durable, hence its popularity in warehouses and heavy-traffic commercial areas. Terrazzo overlays, although the more glossy and decorative choice, can withstand a lot as well thanks to their composition of stones, marble, granite, and other tough aggregates.

What about aesthetics? Your options are nearly limitless because there are so many color choices with either polished or Terrazzo overlays. Plus, there are ways to make things more extravagant through the use of dyes, various textures, and aggregate mixtures.

How Much Do They Cost?

This usually depends on the project type. Most new home builders lean toward full-polished concrete because it’s significantly more cost-effective in that situation. However, if you’re thinking about replacing worn-out polished flooring, it’s usually cheaper to install a polished overlay (rather than tear out and replace old material).

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Those are the four primary factors that come into play when selecting full-depth polished floors or polished overlays. You can learn much more about flooring options when you speak to a representative from Intra-State Terrazzo. We’re the Sarasota-area leader in high-quality flooring construction and renovation.

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