Concrete Matching Interior and Exterior

Are you a homeowner in the Sarasota, Florida, area who wants to coordinate your exterior flooring with what’s on the inside?

These things matter because material selection can make or break your home decor and influence its durability. Intra-State Terrazzo specializes in many installation styles, with a particular emphasis on matching cement or epoxy Terrazzo on the inside with Rustic Terrazzo on the outside. We’ll show you why that helps your overall home ambiance.

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Distinguishing Interior Flooring from Exterior Flooring

What’s the difference between interior and exterior flooring?

You would normally go with a more polished look on the inside of your home, which is why Terrazzo is our favorite choice. This allows the best opportunity to keep it clean with simple wiping or soft washing.

For the exterior, it’s better to have a more textured surface, and the best way to achieve that is with our Rustic Terrazzo as it is more slip-resistant in case there is any moisture from outdoor humidity.

Why Matching Materials Matters

The main purpose of matching the interior and exterior surfaces is to promote a seamless harmony between the two. Most homeowners don’t want to feel like they’re crossing onto a new planet each time they go in or out the back door. The same is true, to an extent, about going from one interior room to another. Most folks prefer to keep continuity within their home, and the outside is no different.

Matching Interior Terrazzo and Rustic Terrazzo

If you browse around our website, you’ll notice our two sections, one for interior flooring and another for the exterior. We usually stick to Terrazzo and Polished Concrete on the inside, but there are half a dozen options for outdoor surfaces. If you select Terrazzo, keep in mind that it is for the inside, and Rustic Terrazzo on the outside.

The rustic version is a slightly denser material that minimizes slips, trips, and falls, which can be dangerous if it’s wet outside. Many homes in Florida have outdoor swimming pools, making Rustic Terrazzo an optimal way to beautify the area and ensure safety. You can also match the colors of interior Terrazzo and Rustic Terrazzo any way you choose, creating a tranquil, coordinated home ambiance, everywhere you step.

This is one of the many ways we can help transform your home: inside and outside. Intra-State Terrazzo is the leading flooring and concrete installation company in Sarasota. Our reputation goes back almost 70 years, which includes thousands of houses and satisfied clients.
If you’d like to learn more about Terrazzo and concrete flooring solutions, contact us anytime at 941-758-3104.

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