Cooling Deck Coating

Cooling Deck Coating

Cool Deck refers to a type of textured concrete topping used primarily for pool decks and outdoor patio areas.

spray on kool deck concrete-texture

It is designed to create a slip-resistant, cool-to-the-touch surface for outdoor concrete areas. It is often used around swimming pools because it can help reduce the temperature of the concrete surface, making it more comfortable for bare feet in hot weather. The textured surface of Cool Deck provides grip to prevent slips and falls, and it also adds an aesthetically pleasing finish to outdoor spaces.

Cool Deck is applied by mixing a special powder with water and then spreading it over the existing concrete surface. After it sets, it creates a durable and attractive textured coating that enhances the functionality and appearance of outdoor areas. 

Cool-to-the-touch concrete coatings is often referred to as "cool deck" or "cooling deck." These terms describe the general concept of applying a textured concrete topping that provides a slip-resistant and cooler surface for outdoor areas like pool decks and patios. The basic purposes is to improve the functionality and safety of outdoor concrete surfaces.

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