Don’t Host a Pool Party with a Cracked Deck

It’s almost always “pool season” in a warm and gorgeous place like Sarasota. If you’re one of the many west Floridians who own a backyard swimming pool, then it’s essential to have a reliable deck and other support structures.

One of our favorite jobs involves installing the finest quality Rustic Terrazzo patios and pool decks. Today, let’s look at why it’s so crucial to have a sturdy deck before hosting a major pool party with friends and family.

epoxy terrazzo residential naples

Cracked Deck? Time for an Upgrade!

If you’re having trouble with your current pool deck, then we can help you explore solutions. In 2023, there are several reliable material options for a replacement deck.

  1. Rustic Terrazzo – This is basically the outdoor version of standard Terrazzo. It’s ideal for pool applications because the material is coarse, and, therefore, slip-resistant. We install this as an overlay on top of existing sub-bed, giving homeowners the benefit of durability, aesthetic improvement, and safety.
  2. Cement – Cement concrete is another great selection for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and even the area around your swimming pool. However, it requires a legitimate professional to install it because cement mixing is a delicate task. All it takes is to be off just a little with the wrong water/cement ratio, or for it to be too hot (or rainy) to turn out poorly. Thankfully, we can pave the perfect cement deck on a leveled surface, which won’t crack or fragment for a long time.
  3. Thin Concrete – Stamped Crete and thin-crete work much better than ordinary pavers for outdoor surfaces. They require less cleaning and maintenance and contribute to a classy and modern appearance for several purposes.
  4. Shell CreteShellcrete lets you replicate the “beach” look for your Florida home. Perhaps the best part is that, unlike other materials, it reflects the sun’s rays, keeping it much cooler. You’ll really appreciate that when it’s 90+ outside, and you can still walk barefoot over it. 
  5. Spray Decks – Just like Rustic Terrazzo, spray decks can go on top of older concrete after it’s become less sound or damaged. Plus, you get similar slip-resistance along with a plethora of color/design options.

Prompt, Premium Pool Deck Installation from Intra-State Terrazzo

Whether you’d like to replace your pool deck or patio, or want to explore an entirely new outdoor arrangement, we’ll help you master the flooring aspect. If you’d like a better idea of our design/installation potential, then check out our portfolio of finished projects for inspiration.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your backyard ambiance, then consider the reliable installation service of Intra-State Terrazzo. We’re the Sarasota area’s best contractor for either indoor or outdoor flooring. Call us anytime to learn more about pool decks or anything else we do at 941-758-3104.