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When you think of building materials, what are some of the products that come to mind? cement? granite? concrete? What about terrazzo? While you might not be all too familiar with the name, chances are, you’ve seen the material used in various buildings and homes. terrazzo first started making appearances in 16th century Italy. Still popular today in either handmade batches or ready-made tiles, terrazzo was first made by pouring bits of marble into concrete, creating a material that has a very distinctive texture in both sight and touch. 

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Long-Lasting & Durable 

You can discuss this with anyone who’s taken the time to travel to Italy and admired the architecture. Many of the buildings built by the Ancient Romans and the Bourbon monarchy in the renaissance are still standing. As one of the most durable materials available, terrazzo is used everywhere; from hospitals, airports, residences, and schools. Perfect for areas that are high in traffic, it’s no wonder why the material has been in use for centuries. And best yet—it’s floodproof! 


Aside from its effective durability, one of the many advantages that terrazzo possesses is its incredible cost-effectiveness over the lifetime of the floor. Terrazzo is cheaper to maintain than some of the other materials that are available. Terrazzo floors only need a major servicing once a year, which means that as long as they’re properly maintained, you can get a lot of distance from them. 

Composition and Ecology 

Now more than ever, there’s an obligation to do whatever we can to help protect the earth. Because terrazzo is normally composed of recycled materials, choosing to use more of it will utilize the recycling prosses and put it to good use. Servicing terrazzo, which only has to be done a year at most, involves materials that are environmentally friendly, which means you’ll be using fewer hazardous chemicals during the cleaning process. 

Advantageous for the Medical Field 

While flooring is an item that we don’t often think about when we visit a medical facility, terrazzo floors can be one of the best additions. Other flooring materials can make gurney and wheelchair use more laborious and at times excruciating. Terrazzo is much smoother and can make travel less stressful and more accessible and also hypogenic.

Intra-State Terrazzo 

Now that you’re aware of the many advantages that terrazzo can offer you, you might want to take advantage of Intrastate Terrazzo & Concrete. Providing you with the very best building material is our business, and our business is good. Visit us at to view our profile, products, and services.

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