How to Choose The Right Architect for your Special Projects

Do you need an architect for major remodeling or renovation? Then it’s crucial to select one with a great reputation, plenty of expertise, and reasonable service rates. That’s what we offer to homeowners and other clients in the Naples/Sarasota area.

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Choosing the Right Architect for Your Special Projects

These should be your primary considerations for choosing the best architect for important home remodeling.

  1. Get recommendations from friends and family members, or at least someone you know who’s had an architect work on their home.
  2. Call a prospective company, get to know them, and basically interview them for the job. These are some questions you could ask:
    • How busy is your firm? Would there be a wait list for service?
    • Do you have testimonials from past clients?
    • Can I see a portfolio of your previous work examples?
  3. Be specific about what you need. Is it an entirely new construction project? Are you adding new rooms or replacing everything in your bathroom?
  4. When you’re almost ready to begin work with them, ask the architect to explain what they intend to do. Get them to explain their schematics, drawings, specifications, and anything related to the project. If they’re friendly and service-oriented, they’ll be happy to include you or at least provide periodic updates.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask about costs and compensation. It’ll be hard to preview you on the exact price estimates when you work with an architect. That’s because the cost of the job depends on project size, scope, and your home’s location. However, the architect can give you a ballpark estimate after an initial consultation or home inspection. These are some ways to figure out the cost of working with an architect.
    • Either a lump sum based on the proposal or one that considers the volume of work (i.e., dollars per square foot, per room, per apartment).
    • % of the construction costs.
    • Hourly labor rates.
    • Some combination of these.

Also, don’t forget to get these things in writing, too. These are the key components of a design proposal, which serves as a contract between property owner and architect. As with anything else, it pays to keep things organized from the outset. 
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