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Paid Time Off

Investment in Your Career

Intra-State Terrazzo & Concrete encourages and supports efforts by its employees to improve their skills and educate themselves for advancement by studying job-related subjects at an approved educational institution. 

Intra-State Terrazzo & Concrete Expectations

Punctuality and Attendance

Employees are hired to perform important functions at Intra-State Terrazzo & Concrete. As with any group effort, operating effectively takes cooperation and commitment from everyone. Therefore, attendance and punctuality are very important. 

Follow our Code of Conduct

We endeavor to maintain a positive work environment. Each employee plays a role in fostering this environment. Accordingly, we all must abide by certain rules of conduct, based on honesty, common sense and fair play.

Available Positions


  • Are you ready to work in an organization where you are appreciated?
  • Do you appreciate a regular change of scenery?
  • Are you dexterous and receive a sense of satisfaction from a hard day’s work?
  • Are you organized, contentious and reliable? 

The role of Concrete Worker involves mostly skills that revolve around manual dexterity, as well as proficiency in certain areas of knowledge. Concrete Workers need to be proficient with measurement systems and tools, as well as basic geometry. Concrete Workers also need to be experts in mixing concrete and all the various factors that affect the drying process. This includes expertise in the tools used to pour, shape and spread concrete. When it comes to character traits, Concrete Workers need to have a laser focus and meticulous approach to their work to make sure each pour, and spread is perfect. In addition to these areas of knowledge and traits, the following skills are needed to succeed as a Concrete Worker.


  • Designing and building forms
  • Setting up the forms
  • Pouring, spreading, and smoothing concrete using groovers and hand trowels
  • Using wire mesh to reinforce the concrete
  • Molding expansion joints and edges
  • Using stains or colors to add the finishing touch
  • Adding small stones or other materials for decoration
  • Applying waterproofing and sealant to protect the concrete work
  • Monitoring the material to ensure it hardens to a durable finish
  • Mixing concrete in wheelbarrows sing knowledge of concrete composition
  • Conducting and marketing angle and section measurements based on blueprints
  • Preparing surfaces using XXX
  • Ensuring concrete dries properly through proper consideration of all factors that affect the drying process



  • Do people naturally want to follow your lead?
  • Do you believe ‘the devil is in the details’?
  • Are you organized, conscientious, and reliable?
  • Does being safe and efficient just make sense to you?

You will be the pivotal point of contact between the sales and installation teams, overseeing commercial and residential job sites. Your resourcefulness will be utilized to promote the success of the company by contributing in several key areas; from procurement, implementation of process and procedures, and training to delivering a 1st class customer experience.

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