Reasons Polished Concrete Floors Are Better Than Other Flooring Options

Polished concrete offers a gorgeous, glossy finish you can’t always obtain from hardwood floors and other options. While there are several ways to install durable and aesthetically appealing floors (indoors and outdoors), this is one of our most popular products because of its application diversity. You can use it just as well to redo kitchen … Read more

Outdoor Living Spaces

Have you thought of pursuing a new outdoor project to spruce up your home? There are several ways to add home value, boost curb appeal, and enjoy a more livable ambiance when you renovate your home with a swimming pool deck or new patio. Then there are also ways to create the perfect exterior mood … Read more

Concrete Matching Interior and Exterior

Are you a homeowner in the Sarasota, Florida, area who wants to coordinate your exterior flooring with what’s on the inside? These things matter because material selection can make or break your home decor and influence its durability. Intra-State Terrazzo specializes in many installation styles, with a particular emphasis on matching cement or epoxy Terrazzo … Read more

What is the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Decor?

There’s a lot of lingo and industry terms you may not have encountered until you research indoor/outdoor material styles and patterns. Two of the terms you’ll hear often are “contemporary” and “modern.” While it’s easy to use them interchangeably, they have distinct meanings, which could affect how you choose a particular item or approach to … Read more