Outdoor Living Spaces

Have you thought of pursuing a new outdoor project to spruce up your home?

There are several ways to add home value, boost curb appeal, and enjoy a more livable ambiance when you renovate your home with a swimming pool deck or new patio. Then there are also ways to create the perfect exterior mood with an outdoor fireplace, built-in benches, or recessed lighting.

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In this introductory guide, we’ll show some ways to re-haul your outdoor setting by using shell concrete, terrazzo, and other reliable materials in congress with modern designs.

Break the Monotony with These Outdoor Living Space Ideas

  1. Accent Patios
    • Accent designs are popular with lots of folks around Sarasota these days. That’s because it’s amazing what you can do with concrete patio patterns. Since words can only describe things so well, we encourage you to browse our portfolio of finished tasks to see what we mean. The examples from Projects 4 through 6 can give you a feel for how sophisticated everything can get.
  2. Running Pathways
    • As you know, Intra-State Terrazzo always enjoys concrete and Terrazzo projects. One way to do this is to install a new running pathway from your driveway and connect it with other areas of your home perimeter. We can help you accomplish this with durable materials like Rustic Terrazzo, Stampcrete, Shellcrete also known as washed shells, or Rock Salt Concrete.
  3. Fire Pit Zones
    • Nothing makes a spring or summer evening party more enjoyable than gathering around a backyard fire pit. Now, Concrete fixtures give you plenty of structure, control, and aesthetics all in one. You’ve probably seen these on HGTV or other home improvement shows, where builders can create circular fire pits that extend a couple of feet above the patio surface. These also pair up well with built-in benches (see below).
  4. Pool Decks
    • Is your current outdoor pool arrangement in desperate need of repairs? Intra-State Terrazzo can help you with brand-new installations or refurbish an existing deck. Again, this is where Rustic Terrazzo and Shellcrete work splendidly because it’s durable AND slip resistant. You never have to sacrifice appearance or safety when you select the right materials.
  5. Built-in Benches & Planters
    • These are relatively quick to install, low maintenance, and outstanding ways to transform your backyard patio in a hurry. We can help you position these perfectly to match every functional, ergonomic, and practical consideration, all while making your outdoor area warm and inviting.

Those are a few of the many ways Intra-State Terrazzo can overhaul and improve your home’s exterior. These are reasonable, popular, and affordable solutions that make a great spring or summer project for Florida homeowners. If you’d like to learn more, then call us anytime for assistance at 941-758-3104.

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