Practical Uses of Rustic Terrazzo

One of the most wonderful things about Italy is its architecture which has maintained itself for hundreds of years. A major part of many of the small villas that dot the landscape is a tile known as Rustic Terrazzo. While it’s been thought of as cheap and uninspiring for many years, especially by those who favor fancy stones such as marble, its popularity has seen a surge in recent years. Cost-effective and incredibly durable, the unique texture and aesthetic of the material allow it to be wonderfully utilized for a variety of projects and locations that benefit from its use. 

rustic terrazzo sarasota

Public Areas with High Traffic 

Talk to anyone who works in janitorial services. They’ll tell you that any public place can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt from the high volumes of visitors on any given day. Rustic terrazzo, aside from being durable, stands up to water and multiple cleanings. Maintenance is simple and doesn’t require a lot of harsh industrial chemicals. For this reason, business owners can benefit from utilizing the material if they plan on opening a location that’s going to be frequented by the public.  

Intra-State Terrazzo & Concrete 

Whether you’re remodeling your home or having that new patio installed, Rustic Terrazzo is the perfect addition that will elevate its style to new heights. Intra-State Terrazzo & Concrete can provide all of the necessary materials to make your next DIY project good enough to die for. See what we have to offer at

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