Reasons Polished Concrete Floors Are Better Than Other Flooring Options

Polished concrete offers a gorgeous, glossy finish you can’t always obtain from hardwood floors and other options. While there are several ways to install durable and aesthetically appealing floors (indoors and outdoors), this is one of our most popular products because of its application diversity. You can use it just as well to redo kitchen floors and you could basements.

So, we invite you to check out these many reasons polished concrete may serve you better than other conventional flooring materials.

Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete Flooring Over Alternatives

  1. Better Durability & Lifespan – This is arguably the primary concern for homeowners. You want to make sure you have floors that can handle a decent volume of foot traffic, especially if you live with children and pets. Polished concrete should last for at least 10 years without all the chips, cracks, and grooves you might encounter with wood.
  2. More Affordable – It’s never “cheap” to install new floors, but some materials are more economical than others. Polished concrete and Terrazzo are among the best for reliable flooring, even when you’re on a tighter budget. 
  3. Doesn’t Require a Ton of Maintenance – The only maintenance you should have to do is sweeping and mopping for these floors (damp mopping is optimal for maintaining the glossy shine). Aside from that, this material doesn’t require a lot of re-polishing or repair. 
  4. Compatible with Radiant Heating – This is more of a concern in northern regions where floors can get exceptionally cold in the winter. Nevertheless, if you ever wish to make floor alterations, polished concrete is easier to manipulate.
  5. Doesn’t Stain or Incur Marks – This is a significant issue if you walk around with work boots, move furniture a lot, or have children running around on the floors. Polished concrete won’t scuff easily. It’s even an attractive option for garage floors (for avoiding those horrible motor oil stains).
  6. Helps Illuminate Rooms – Yes, believe or not, your floors play a role in enhancing room lighting. All that talk about “shine” and “high gloss” isn’t just for aesthetic reasons. Shiny surfaces can absorb and reflect light, contributing up to 30% more luminosity.

Those are the most recognizable advantages to installing polished concrete floors in your home or business.
Since it takes professional workmanship to ensure a quality finish, consider the services of Intra-State Terrazzo to guarantee seamless and long-lasting floors. We offer our service with polished concrete along with other fantastic flooring solutions like Terrazzo, Shellcrete, Stampcrete, and more. You’re welcome to call us anytime to schedule a complimentary consultation at 941-758-3104.