Rustic Terrazzo

Rustic terrazzo is the perfect solution for outdoor applications, particularly when you want to minimize slips and falls. Unlike smooth indoor terrazzo floors, rustic terrazzo maintains a slightly rough finish which minimizes slip and fall risks. It is ideal for swimming pool decks, stairs, patios, or walkways.

This type of terrazzo is installed as an overlay over and existing concrete sub-bed. Rustic terrazzo can use a multitude of various colored marble chips, and the cement matrix can be colored as well; providing a vast pallet of choices for creating the perfect deck.  The aggregate is washed to provide a more textural surface to help resist slipperiness.


Our Installation Process


Substrate should be clean and free of cracks prior to installation. The surface
should be prepared to increase adhesion by any of several means including
chipping, scarifying, sandblasting to a minimum of 1/16 in. average depth.
Alternatively, a new base slab should be finished with a coarse street broom.


ShellCrete topping is installed at a thickness of 1/2” to 5/8”. Intra-State
recommends a minimum pitch of 1-1/2” in 10 feet. The matrix utilizes cement
and marble chip which is placed within forms. The matrix is then seeded with
additional Marble Chip which is floated just below the surface. Once setting
begins, the top surface of the Chip is exposed.

Control Joints

Control joints will be saw cut according to accepted industry standards. Joints in
the existing substrate will be matched in the topping. Alternatively, metal
stripping may be used as control joints to eliminate the saw kerf.


After curing, the surface of the Rustic terrazzo is lightly ground with a concrete
wheel to remove sharp edges and burrs. It is normal to lose some of the surface
chip during grinding.


After grinding the surface is cleaned with a solution of muriatic acid and water to
remove the cement film from the surface of the exposed chip.


It is recommended to sealcoat the finished surface to help resist water and stains.
A high solids solvent based acrylic sealer such as Conglaze, is the preferred

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