Terrazzo Around The World

You can find outstanding examples of Terrazzo all around the world. It’s popular internationally, as well as in high-profile places in the U.S. You can also find plenty of beautiful Terrazzo inspirations right here in Florida. In this post, we’d like to dedicate an overview of Terrazzo examples worldwide.

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American Examples of Terrazzo

If you ever get the chance to visit the west coast, you should visit Disney World in Anaheim, CA, to behold some of the most gorgeous applications for Terrazzo. You can find it all over the buildings such as hotels, restaurants, and theaters. Most of the streets use it as well, so if you have been, that’s what you were walking on the whole time.

What about the Hollywood Walk of Fame? They made it entirely out of Terrazzo as well. The Hoover Dam also comes from Terrazzo.

In fact, our favorite material arrived in the U.S. back in the 19th century before becoming really popular as a complement to Art déco designs in the 1920s. We’ve heard that they laid the first Terrazzo floor for the Vanderbilt home on Fifth Avenue, New York, back in the 1890. Even wealthy moguls appreciate both the beauty and practical functionality of Terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo Around The Rest of the World

Terrazzo dates back to 15th century Venice, Italy, but it’s been popular in many countries throughout the world.

Going back to the Disney company, you can find terrific Terrazzo flooring and architecture at their parks in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Have you ever wondered how Disney parks stay so clean? This is one of their secrets. Terrazzo is far and away one of the easiest aggregate materials to keep clean.

Last but not least, Disney World in Orlando, Florida, also utilizes lots of Terrazzo.

Terrazzo Here in Florida

Of course, you can see many examples of Terrazzo in our neck of the woods. Florida experienced a boom in Terrazzo flooring back in the 1950s, a time where there was a lot of real estate development all over the Sunshine State. After a brief dip in popularity, Terrazzo installation is trending once more because of improved floor care restoration and maintenance techniques.

Oddly enough, the only reason Terrazzo declined in popularity was because the volume of floor installers failed to maintain pace with the demand for the product. That, however, is no longer the case when you do business with reliable flooring contractors, like Intra-State Terrazzo.

Besides many beautiful examples you’ve probably seen nearby, we’d like to showcase some of our handiwork, which you can see in our portfolio section. It’ll leave you eager in anticipation for new Terrazzo floors in your Sarasota home.
Intra-State Terrazzo serves homeowners with installation services that rely on Terrazzo, polished concrete, and other beautiful and durable materials. While you can install these yourself, it always turns out better if you rely on a professional. Contact us to learn more about floor solutions by calling 941-758-3104.

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