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Are you trying to spruce up your Terrazzo floor after a party and lots of spilled food and drinks? Do you know how to clean it without resorting to cheap cleaners or “miracle” products that never work? Well, if not, then we’re happy to assist you.

Intra-State Terrazzo & Concrete wants to provide a brief introduction of some ways to more effectively clean and maintain Terrazzo floors.

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Basics of Terrazzo Cleaning

Basic terrazzo cleaning isn’t intensely difficult, but there’s a right way to do it, and a few things to avoid. Since they have low absorption, they won’t struggle with mold and the Florida humidity like other materials. Plus, with a few simple steps, you can make terrazzo last a lifetime.

Here are a few important maintenance and cleaning precautions:

  • Never use harsh cleaners on terrazzo.
  • Only scrub or mop with neutral pH cleaning substances.
  • Allow your cleaner to remain on the floor for several minutes to ensure effective interaction with clean water.
  • Keep your floor wet throughout the entire cleaning process to avoid dry cleaning residue.
  • Try dust mopping your area daily if you experience heavy foot traffic.
  • Give your floors a good damp mopping at least weekly. In commercial settings, consider using a buffing machine on particularly dirty surfaces.

Other Helpful Cleaning Suggestions

Also, whenever you put in new terrazzo, ask the installer for his recommendation on cleaning supplies. If you seal it with a quality water-based acrylic sealer, you can expect a nice shine.

What else should you avoid? Pure surface waxes are problematic because they can make terrazzo abnormally slippery. All-purpose cleaners and cheap solutions will give you bad results as well. You usually get what you pay for with those sorts of things.

If you need more help with maintaining terrazzo, consult this handy downloadable maintenance guide for more information.

Intra-State Terrazzo Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

For more difficult tasks (like large floor cleaning projects), don’t be afraid to contact the professionals at Intra-State Terrazzo. Many homes and businesses utilize this beautiful flooring material, and it’s important to practice good cleaning and maintenance for its preservation.

It doesn’t matter if you have terrazzo, polished concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, or any other material. We’re the best floor-care outfit for all your needs anywhere in Sarasota.

Intra-State Terrazzo & Concrete specializes in all facets of terrazzo and concrete refurbishing. Our folks know how to get floors optimally clean as efficiently and safely as possible. If you want to learn more, call us at 941-758-3104.

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