Terrazzo Flooring Archives in A Renaissance in Florida Homes

While you might not be familiar with the term used in everyday conversation, you’ve more than likely experienced Terrazzo before. The flooring material is highly durable and has an appearance very similar to that of a mosaic. Because of its ability to withstand high traffic, it tends to be utilized in several locations such as hospitals, courthouses, museums, and other places that are frequented by high volumes of public visitors. The material, which came into prominence during the Italian Renaissance, is having a new second renaissance as the material has begun to become popular in several Florida homes. 

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One Man’s Refuse is Another Man’s Palace Floor 

Made from a number of repurposed materials, Terrazzo became popular in several Italian palaces and buildings because of its durability, its unique look, and the fact that it provided a bit of artistic expression that tied the Renaissance to some of the classic mosaics found in Ancient Rome. One of the most popular floors made from Terrazzo in the United States can be found in the Guggenheim Art Museum in New York, which was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 

A Rebirth in Renovation 

Every year, millions of Americans take on the task of turning their house into a home. It’s a chance to flex their creative muscle and make their home an extension of their personality. In recent years, homeowners have begun to notice the benefits of Terrazzo flooring in their homes. Depending on how many people frequent your house or if you have pets, there’s a good chance of heavy traffic on your floors. Carpeting tracks in allergens and pollen, and hardwood floors are susceptible to moisture and termites. Terrazzo provides the alternative that you’ve been looking for. Terrazzo is not only extremely durable and requires very little in the way of upkeep, but it has a consistency that allows you to utilize a variety of patterns, shapes, and colors to make a unique look for your home. 

An Investment That Pays Off 

When you purchased your home, you most likely thought of it as a serious investment. A Terrazzo floor is one of the best investments you can make in regard to your home. You’ll have a floor that increases the property value, looks incredible, and requires minimal effort to keep looking its best. Here at Intra-State Terrazzo, we can help you achieve the look for the home you’ve always dreamed about. For more information, visit us at iterrazzo.com.